Half day Tanga City Tour:Discover new perspectives of Tanga cultural tourism on foot or on bikes. This Tour will show you the old history of the early Germans. Some facades are over 100 years old and represent a particular design period, giving Tanga a very unique atmosphere. There are some historical buildings and graves in Tanga Town which you will see on this city tour as well as other sites and old colonial buildings plus the real local life.

The tour ends with a visit to a Coconut Art Work Shop Project a community project with the aim to reduce poverty through coconut tree products. You will get the chance to make your own coconut product (ear rings or a ring and more) as a unique Tanga souvenior.A large part of the profit from the tour and sale of these goods goes to the community project. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


Snorkeling in Tanga: Full day snorkeling Tour: Early pick up from the hotel by the guide that will be with you in the whole day trip and driven to the harbour, a boat is waiting for you and takes an hour motor boat ride to the sandbank which is situated in the middle of the ocean. This sandbank is a true paradise for water lovers to swim, sunbathing or snorkeling with its colorful fish and bright blue turquoise sea around the island and nice white sandy beach.

You will have light lunch and snacks at the sandbank and stay there for a couple of hours before you depart for Toten Island, situated just off the Tanga Harbour. (You can though choose if you want to go to Toten Island or stay longer at The Sandbank island).

Toten island contains a mosque, tombs and cemetery. There is evidence that there was earlier settlement on the island.

On the Northern and Western side there were found potsherds dated back to the15th, late 18th and early 19th centuries. There are also ruins of a house and several German graves from the colonial times on the island.

If you are lucky you may see dolphins swimming around in the water on the way to the sandbank


Manza Bay is located on the coast of Tanzania, some 30 km north of the town of Tanga. During World War I a German vessel called the Kronborg(actually the captured British vessel Rubens), on a mission to resupply the besieged SMS Konigsberg, was sunk by the British ship HMS Hyacinth. During World War II, Tanzania's northern neighbour, the British colony of Kenya, was a temporary base of the British Eastern Fleet from early 1942 until the Japanese naval threat to Colombo and Ceylon had been removed. This is a story of the indicator loop defences at Manza Bay where lies the Fish Eagle Point Beach Lodge. Manza Bay village is famous for salt farming and are old historical buildings and the bridge where the ships used to dock to take cargo.


The most extensive limestone caves in East Africa, It is home for many spirits that hold great religious significance for many local tribe, Ethnic groups such as the Segeju, Sambaa, Bondei and the Digo who lived near the caves used them for prayers. Its eight kms from town to amboni caves and its four km from Amboni Caves to hot spring water. You can watch the physical feature in side of caves and not man made it, Beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Various stone formations, seven unique caves will be visited, mother marriage (Engel) and Madonna, with white colobus monkey around outside the caves.


This is a special day tour to Pangani a small old town south of Tanga City with nice reasonable beach hotels. It has a long history since the 15th century. It began as a dhow port but mushroomed to a large prosperous port. Missionaries and explorers began their journeys to the interior from here.The oldest building, the BOMA was built in 1810. Originally it was a home for a wealthy Omani trader. It has intricate Arab carved doors and the foundation still remains. The Germans gave the building a unique appearance by giving a distinct Europeanstyle roof. In Pangani there are also historical monuments and sites, such as the original slave market and depot, where Arabs traded slaves to India and Arabia; the freedom grounds, Islamic and German graves; ancient mosques; buildings from the German colonial period and traditional houses.

Clients can decide to over night in one of the good beach hotels in Pangani or drive back to Tanga Town.


Pangani town is located at the mouth of pangani river, is where the River pours its water in the Indian Ocean.Snockling within maziwe marine island,Fishing with local fisherman,learn about mangroves forest and coconut plantation,These forests are found in estuaries.


Toten Island is situated off the Tanga Habour but is within the Tanga Bay. Relax on the beach, explore the island, and catch fish and swim, snorkeling on the beautiful island. Executions were common during the German Colonial period; however the island is currently not inhabited. Ruins of Arabs mosque and German cemetery,


Make a Tour to Tongoni a small fishing village situated 17 km south of Tanga City but no hotels or nice beach here. It was once a prosperous and respected trading center in the 15th century. Established by the Shirazi of Persian origin who established Islamic settlements in Eastern Africa such as Kilwa and Mafia. Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese sailor is said to have first visited Tongoni in April 1498. He made a second visit the next year and spent 14 days in Tongoni. Tongoni ruins consists of mosques and tombs, remains of residential house of the first shiraz and the location of the first port before Tanga.


Size: 1,062 sq km (415 sq miles)
Established: 2002
Distance from Dar es Salaam: 200 km (124 miles)

Most popular tours visiting Saadani National Park:

We organize excursions to Saadani National Park as tailor-made-tours only. Please contact our travel consultants for a bespoke itinerary.


The park is situated between Dar es Salaam (200 km, 4 hours) and Tanga (75km, 3 hours) and borders the mainland coast.

The Saadani National Park is home to a variable mix of both marine and mainland flora and fauna. The vegetation in the park is quite unique and includes mangrove forests around the winding Wami River and ocean, clumps of palm trees, coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, short and tall-grass savannah and the harsh black cotton plains.

In terms of wildlife, Saadani has a thriving population of waterbucks, wildebeests, hartebeests, reedbucks, buffaloes and giraffes. Warthogs, baboons and colobus monkeys are often spotted, while elephants, lions and leopards are quite shy. But even for ornithologists this place is truly spectacular. A boat safari on the Wami River is a true highlight for any visitor and apart from pods of hippos and huge crocodiles, malachite, pied and even giant kingfishers can also be seen. Other common birds include the woolly necked stork, common sand pipers, lilac-breasted rollers, palm nut vultures, fish eagles and ground hornbills.