Bike Adventure Tour

Kilimanjaro bike trek is our new product of trekking the Kilimanjaro Mountain, Kilema route is the only route that Bike trek to Kilimanjaro Mountain can reach to the top of the Mount Kilimanjaro by mountain bike.

Normal this trip took 5 days with proper acclimatization.


If you're reasonably fit, are confident on a bike and have a sense of adventure, then cycling through this great wilderness area is an awesome experience.

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Moshi reality tour or Rau forest bike tour

A full day mix activity tour of different thing to see by mountain bike or walking to the Rau monkey forest, Moshi reality tour to see how local live, culture and history of the town.

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8 Days Kilimanjaro to the beach bike ride

Kilimanjaro to the beach bike ride. Different Bike ride heading in to the village trails,get a chance to local life,unique nature and attraction on the trip. you can call it Kili to beach bike ride

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3 days combination of hiking,bike and Hot spring.

A 3 days combination of hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro, mountain bike safari, walking safari and Hot spring relax.

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4 Days mountain bike safari

This is a one day trip to a region on the slopes of West Kilimanjaro, where you get the possibility to bike through the natural habitat of several wild animals and to see the beauty of Tanzanian nature.

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Mountain biking in Moshi

Mountain biking,This is where it all began and we have continued to lead the way in “out of the box” adventures. Since the beginning we have expanded to include safaris and trekking, but we will never forget our roots.

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