Third Tours & Safaris

Serengeti Baloon Safari

The Serengeti. 14,763km2 of African savannah stretching as far as the eye can see. We fly here because the climate is almost perfect; the temperature seldom falls below 12° or rises above 26°. The wind blows gently and reliably for 349 days of the year.

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Tarangire Baloon Safari

Balloon flights reporting time at Launching Site 06h00. Take off at 06h15. Passengers arrive in time to watch the balloon inflation as the pilots torch the coloured fabric to life. The flight is for approximately 1 hour,

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Walking Safari

Tanzania is one of the better places for walking safaris in Africa. It is though important to distinguish between 'hiking up hills' as in climbing Kilimanjaro or even Mt Meru or Hanang and the very different experience of a wilderness walking safari. We have in our ranks, some of Tanzania's best walking safari guides.

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